Roberts speaks in Caribbean

The Price of Safety-The Value of a Life”.










I recently returned from the Caribbean Island’s of Anguilla and Trinidad, where I was honored to be the key note speaker for their “National Workplace Safety Symposium” and “A Call for Action”. 

*Mr. Roberts’ presentation, “The Price of Safety- The Value of a Life” was extremely well received.  Attendees left “inspired to believe” that safety starts with them and with real goals to improve the safety and health culture at their own company.

Mr. Roberts is an international speaker and safety professional.  He has received high accolades for his motivational speeches.  Attendees have praised Mr. Robert’s presentations, ranking them as “Excellent and Awesome”.

They have also said that Mr. Roberts’ workshops offer a “great value and valuable insights.”  Mr. Roberts has been praised as having a “natural skill and love for what he does” along with excellent presentation techniques that allow active involvement of attendees.  His workshop is highly recommended and is motivational for workers in both public and private sectors. – Alwyn J. Richardson – Government of Anguilla

*As a training coordinator it is important that training programs meet and exceed the needs of the client. Mr. Roberts superseded those needs. The Price of Safety – The Value of a Life” was relevant, practical, well researched, expertly delivered and engaging.  It was a job well done! – Marsha Findlay – Trinidad and Tobago 


A special thank you to my host…Trinidad’s Marsha Findlay of Employers Solution Centre Limited and Anguilla’s Alwyn “Jerry Dice” Richardson – Government of Anguilla – Disaster Management.

The Price of Safety-The Value of a Life”.  How can we place a value on a human life?  How can we justify the cost of safety?  With the current economic pressures faced by every industry, companies are forced to do more with less.  Many workers wonder how cost cuts will affect their personal safety on the job.  Many more feel like an expendable resource. Timothy Roberts, President of Safety Alliance, LLC will discuss government, company and worker responsibility and how investing in safety really can pay off.  He will explore how successful companies are able to make simple safety strategies that can affect the bottom line and the real benefits of investing in your workers.  Based on the overwhelming accident rates and cost worldwide, it is important for workers and employers to come together to make safety pay.  Tim will explain how something as simple as a safety orientation program can have huge benefits for a company and can invite a worker to become a valuable team member. In light of the current safety statistics, it is more important than ever for government, companies and workers, step up and take responsibility. All companies can benefit from success strategies that really do work. Safety does pay!