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The Price of Safety – The Value of a Life

 Learn the Secrets “What Really Works” from “30” Global Safety Experts by Timothy R. Roberts




Timothy Roberts is a highly respected safety professional.  His presentation, “The Price of Safety- the Value of a Life”, is extremely popular.  Additionally, Mr. Roberts is an experienced safety trainer whose classes have provided inspiration to thousands of students and companies worldwide.  Attendees have praised Mr. Robert’s presentations, ranking them as “Excellent and Awesome”.  Below are some of the numerous accolades Mr. Roberts has received from recent presentations.


* Alwyn J. Richardson – Disaster Management, Government of Anguilla

Mr. Roberts’ presentation, “The Price of Safety- the Value of a Life” was extremely well received.  Attendees left “inspired to believe” that safety starts with them and with real goals to improve their safety and health culture.  They have also said that Mr. Roberts’ workshops offer a “great value and valuable insights.”  Mr. Roberts has been praised as having a “natural skill and love for what he does” along with excellent presentation techniques that allow active involvement of attendees.  His workshop is highly recommended and is motivational for workers in both public and private sectors.


* Walter Stephan Mendes, President Western Institute of Technology, Mangalore, India

The Western Institute of Technology recently held India’s largest conference in Mangalore, India.  The conference was host to over 20,000 people and included local and national government officials. Keynote speaker, Tim Roberts, delivered an inspiring and motivating speech to the crowd gathered at TMA Pai Convention Hall.  His presentation was extremely well received and provided useful and practical applications on how to make safety part of your safety culture.

* Dr. Godfrey F. Mendes, President Chicago Training and Consultancy, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Tim Roberts, President of Safety Alliance, LLC, recently traveled to the United Arab Emirates as an instructor for OSHA based safety information classes.  The UAE audience found Mr. Roberts’ safety message both inspiring and motivating.  They praised Tim for his outstanding presentation skills, as well as his ability to reach his audience on a personal level.  Mr. Roberts is extremely effective in delivering information on real world applications of effective safety techniques.


* Marsha Findlay – Employers’ Consultative Association, Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean 

As a training coordinator it is important that training programs meet and exceed the needs of the client. Mr. Roberts superseded those needs. “The Price of Safety – The Value of a Life” was relevant, practical, well researched, expertly delivered and engaging.  It was a job well done!


* Jon (Student), USA

I went through a class Tim had given about 3 years ago. It is amazing how that class has not only changed the way I perform on the job, and literally everywhere, I go. The things I learned in class stick out in my mind making me a safer person. I see things every day that are a safety hazard that I would have never seen before.  


* Tony (Student), USA

I thought the class was awesome.   Being in the position that I’m in I always have the fear if I fit in. I want to thank you for making a blue-collar guy feel like an equal.




Are you frustrated about safety? Every day, you hear about it. When driving your car, at work, home and school… it never stops! Why?  Believe it or not, every day you tip the scale between life and death. I ask you to imagine, your family wrote this book to you. They want to convince you to be safe.


Perhaps you are an employee, manager, safety person, trainer, or on the safety committee and you have become discouraged, lost the passion and can no longer convince others to be safe. Remember, everyone likes to be needed, wanted, and appreciated. It is my hope, you will find motivation within this book.  Some of the content within was created just for you.


This may sound strange, but I want you to view your safety program as a living organism.  It needs to be motivated, stimulated, encouraged, updated and maybe given a vitamin shot of B-12!  I have also included a chapter “What Really Works”, the secrets from thirty safety experts around the world.  This information can be the shot in the arm your program needs.


Many books have been written on safety. Authors and experts have manipulated terms, titles, and phrases just to put a new complicated twist on it. If you keep it simple, more people are likely to “buy in” to safety.  It was my goal to keep things simple in this book.  I do not want to complicate safety.


This book actually started as a presentation and was so well received around the world that I just had to write it. I sincerely hope you enjoy this simple book!


Note: This book may be used as a student study guide.  Review questions for each chapter, are provided at the end of the book.



How can we place a value on a human life? How can we justify the cost of safety?


With the current economic pressures faced by every industry, companies and governments are forced to do more with less. Many workers wonder how cost cuts will affect their personal safety on the job, and often they feel like an expendable resource.


Based on the overwhelming accident rates and costs worldwide, it is important for workers and employers to come together to make safety pay.  By developing and implementing a safety culture that empowers and engages employees, companies can find the real benefits of safety.  Each worker becomes a valuable team member.  As you continue through this book, it is my goal to provide you with facts and life stories that will help convince everyone, from the top boss to the newest employee, that investing in safety really does pay off for a company.


Accident statistics continue to rise and maintaining gainful employment becomes more important than ever. It is my hope the “Value of a Life” takes on new meaning.  It is time for governments, companies and workers to step up and take responsibility!


All companies can benefit from successful strategies that really do work.  Safety does pay!


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