Voluntary Protection Program

Safety Alliance VPP services:

Are you looking for that competitive edge?  Are you ready to take the next step in worker safety? OSHA has created the Voluntary Protection Program, or VPP, to recognize those companies who are better than the rest and who are going above and beyond.  Yet, many companies are still not working to attain this recognition.  Many are afraid to approach what may seem like a daunting process. Safety Alliance can help you make sense of the process and walk you thru the steps. Safety Alliance has established experts within the field of safety on staff, including several retired OSHA compliance officers, available for training and consultation throughout the process. Safety Alliance has the added benefit of having completed the VPP process ourselves, as:

The first safety consulting company within the USA to achieve VPP Star recognition.

We are able to provide the most complete safety expertise available today


OSHA Barb Marcom and IEC Director David Hittinger signing new “OSHA-IEC Alliance”. Safety Alliance assisted IEC in writing and organizing the agreement.

Here is an example of the types of services we can provide:

Mock VPP Assessments:

Are you ready to apply?  Want to see where you stand?  Safety Alliance can conduct physical audits to establish the effectiveness of your existing safety programs and identify possible areas of improvement.  We can also review your existing documentation, to provide a site assessment similar to the actual inspection that OSHA will conduct during the VPP review process.  We can help you prepare for the VPP approval process as well as help your company make a stronger safety program for your company.

Completing the VPP Application:

A complete and accurate application is critical to achieving VPP recognition.  Understanding what details OSHA is looking for

and how much documentation must be included is often confusing.  We can help make this process easier.

Let Safety Alliance help you write and compile your VPP application.

Post- VPP Acceptance Items:
VPP is not a “one time only” process.  OSHA asks that you maintain your program and provide documentation and updates of your program on a regular basis.  We can provide the necessary annual program audit and assist in completing necessary review documentation.

Company Safety Manual:
One of the first steps in establishing an effective safety program, every company is required to provide a complete written safety manual.  All programs must be in place and effective for one year prior to submitting a VPP application.  Safety Alliance is able to provide written safety programs specially designed to fit the unique needs of your company.  Ongoing site audits are also available to ensure the effectiveness of your programs.

VPP Training
Complete support by everyone within a company is necessary to achieving VPP status.  This does include both hourly

and salaried workers.  Safety Alliance is able to provide training to meet the needs of your company.  Programs can range from

a basic one hour overview of the VPP process and benefits for employees, to complete 10 and 30 hour OSHA outreach classes.

A variety of presentations are available for both management and hourly workers.  Communication to all levels within a company

is looked at by OSHA as critical in an effective safety program.  Are you doing all you can?  The OSHA 10 and 30 hours outreach classes are viewed as a gold standard in safety and health training.

Required Safety Element Assistance:
Safety Alliance is able to provide world class services to companies looking for VPP recognition.  Safety Alliance has established relationships with area industrial hygienists, occupational nursing, and audiologists.  Safety Alliance can help you every step of the way, from program development to hazard assessments to mock reviews, call us and see how we can help you.

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